Kicking The Ball

One of the most important fundamental skills of soccer is kicking the ball.  Many new players will kick using the toe of their foot.  This can result in a longer kick but you lose accuracy.  Most of the time the ball should be contacted with the outside, inside, or top portion of the foot.  Determining […]

Futsol – build your soccer skills in the off-season

Try out a game of Futsal in the off season to improve your skills.  It’s mostly played indoors on a hard court that is much smaller than a soccer field.  It encourages players to develop more control of the ball or it will just roll quickly out of bounds.  Although the official court size is […]

Soccer Core Skills

As you start playing soccer it is important to develop a core set of skills.  What are these skills and how do you learn them?  An easy and very good way to begin your training is to go to They break the game down into 16 fundamental skills that will make you a better […]