Kicking The Ball

One of the most important fundamental skills of soccer is kicking the ball.  Many new players will kick using the toe of their foot.  This can result in a longer kick but you lose accuracy.  Most of the time the ball should be contacted with the outside, inside, or top portion of the foot.  Determining when to use each style of kick is key.  Proper guidance from a coach at a young age can help players develop much faster than learning by “trial and error.”

  • Kicking with your toe – this kick can be used effectively in very close range shooting situations or when a defender needs to kick the ball without delay. Using your toe to kick usually results in lower accuracy but is easy to execute and can be powerful.
  • Kicking with the inside or outside of your foot – highly accurate but not usually a very powerful kick. This strategy works well when shooting at close range or passing.
  • Kicking with the top of your foot, “on the laces” – is a more difficult technique to master but is highly accurate and very powerful. This works well for shooting or passing long distances.

Mastering each of the kicks and understanding when to use them will result in more skillful play and a more enjoyable game. If you complete the pass or score the goal you chose right 🙂

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