PUGG 6 Foot Portable Training Goal Boxed Set

PUGG 6 Footer Portable Training Goal Boxed Set (Two Goals & Bag)


If your children are into soccer there is not a better portable soccer goal set than the 6-foot PUGG Soccer Goal boxed set. This set comes with two collapsible goals and a carrying bag. Anchoring pegs are also included so you can set the goals securely where you want them. Extremely lightweight, the total shipping weight is only 9.4 pounds. Once installed, each goal measures 6 x 3.5 by 3.5 feet (W x H x D).

Setting up your new portable soccer goal is easy as a snap. Literally. With just a quick flip of your wrist the goal is open. There are no tools needed to piece it together, no parts to lose. When you are finished with your game, everything folds neatly into the convenient carrying bag.

Think of all the hours of pure fun your players will have practicing their moves with this safe backyard soccer goal. All their friends and team mates will gather at your house and you will be the most popular family on the block. The PUGG Soccer Goal is an inexpensive way to make sure your children are getting good exercise and learning about good sportsmanship. It is a unisex game so no one needs to be left out. You can watch the action from your kitchen window, or take a seat on the sidelines to cheer on your favorite goalie. Your only problem may be coaxing everyone in when dinner is ready!

When you want to take everyone to the park for an unofficial game, the PUGG collapses and sets up very easily. Once the colorful goals are secured, you may just find that other visitors will ask if they can play along, too. It is such a flexible portable soccer goal that you can pile all the kids you can into your SUV and still have room for the PUGG that is an amazing one inch thick when not in use.

This high quality, attractive portable goal is not just for backyard barbeques or playtime. Serious youth soccer coaches use these for team practice as well. Team members can go through their drills and feel like they are in an official game. Some coaches have even used these goals for floor hockey and field hockey training.

There is no end to the amount of quality time a soccer player can spend with this youth soccer goal. As any parent knows, children are not light on anything at any time! This PUGG is a quality goal that will withstand vigorous use.

Even if your child is not on a team, the entire family can get together and have a grand time kicking the ball from goal to goal. With the PUGG set up in your backyard, you do not have to worry about children playing in the street, oncoming traffic and balls that tend to fly awry. It is a comfort to know that your child is close and well supervised.

Another great advantage of purchasing the 6-foot PUGG Soccer Goal is the affordable price. If you have two or more children who are constantly shopping with you, each one always wants one of this and the other wants one of that. It can become quite costly, even at the large discount stores. With these portable soccer goals, the ‘gift’ is for use by everyone and no one feels slighted. One child can set it up in his own yard and invite his own friends over for a friendly game. Another child can carry it to her friend’s house for an all-girl game. This goal is portable, flexible, easy to assemble, easy to pack and easy on the pocketbook.

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