Soccer Core Skills

As you start playing soccer it is important to develop a core set of skills.  What are these skills and how do you learn them?  An easy and very good way to begin your training is to go to They break the game down into 16 fundamental skills that will make you a better soccer player.  They show you drills that will improve your skill and help you track your progress.  Tracking your progress will enable you to set goals and see if you are improving. This is very motivational and encourages you to practice more.  Basic membership is free and includes training videos showing how to practice these skills.  This site is worth checking out.

Almost everyone wants to score goals when they play soccer.  After all, that is the “goal” of the game. However, you will spend far more time controlling the ball on the field than you will shooting on goal.  This is why you must develop a solid set of core skills that enable you to control the ball.  The more “touches” you get on the ball the easier this will be. When you walk around your house take the ball with you. (don’t use your hands) Try dribbling with your weak foot only.  Pick one of the basic skills a day and try to improve.  The more time you spend controlling the ball the better you will be at it.

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