The Most Popular Sport In The World

Why is Soccer the Most Popular Sport in the World?

There is no doubt that soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Over 3.9 billion fans tuned in to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The World Cup has been played every four years since 1930 (with the exception of 1942 and 1946). It is the most watched sports competition in the world. Soccer, also known as “the beautiful game,” is popular due to its ease of entry, entertainment value and global participation.

Soccer is an easy sport to start playing. One needs shoes, a ball, friends, and a goal. Soccer can be played in the dirt, grass, a parking lot or at the beach. Rules are simple: do not use your arms and get the ball into the net. There are a few other rules but most people can learn them easily. Size matters less in soccer; agility is more important. Young and old can play. Soccer truly is an easy sport to begin playing.

The “beautiful game” is also very appealing to watch. A soccer match is 90 minutes long and played at a fast pace with almost constant action. Soccer fans are extremely passionate and can be part of the entertainment at the games. Additionally, the skill level of professional soccer players is amazing. Watching the winning goal go into the net can be a very satisfying experience. Fans worldwide would agree that watching soccer is a fun pastime.

Soccer is popular all over the world. Nearly every country has its own soccer league. A country’s team is a source of national pride for its citizens. Watching a national team compete unifies countries that have strife within. Few countries have another viable national sport. During the World Cup, the entire planet comes together to watch the world’s teams compete. The global popularity of soccer is most evident during the World Cup.

Soccer is easy to play, fun to watch, and popular in most countries. Anyone can learn to play; there are few barriers to the sport. Watching soccer is a pastime that most people enjoy immensely. It enjoys worldwide popularity. If you haven’t tried playing soccer, try it. If you haven’t watched a soccer match, go to a live match. Then you can experience the beautiful game for yourself.

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