Picking your team

Picking the right soccer club and team for your child to play on takes some thought about what you and your child want to achieve.  Players should be able to develop their soccer skills and knowledge but it must also be fun.

Some things to consider when picking a soccer club are:

  • What is your current skill level – Are you new to the game or a seasoned player.  Will you be improving rapidly or have you already developed your skills to a level where you are “fine tuning” your abilities.
  • What are your goals – fun, socialization, character building, responsibility, college scholarship, olympics, pro-team, career, coaching, training?
  • Does the coaching focus on advanced game strategies or the basic fundamentals of soccer?
  • This will be an important peer group for your child.  Will some of the players on the team make good friends?
  • What days does the team practice and how often?
  • How far do you have to travel for games?
  • In the off season do many players participate in training camps or maybe play on a Futsal league?
  • How much does it cost to play on this team. Do you have to buy jerseys, pay tournament fees, travel and hotel fees?
  • Do you have options for carpooling to practice and games?
  • Are the other parents and their families enjoyable to spend your weekends with?
  • Some clubs have guidelines where all players get to play – win or lose.
  • Are the competing teams in the league of equal ability.  It’s more fun and beneficial when games are close.
  • Is good sportsmanship promoted or is winning at all costs more important.

If you pick the right club to join,  soccer might become a lifestyle for your family.  It can be a fun adventure bringing your family closer together. Give your child the chance to learn about life, sportsmanship, the fun of competition and physical activity with the opportunity to play soccer.

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